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Happy Tails Pet Lodge 

Please click on the navigation links above.  Our "application" page is under construction and will be setup soon! Please email any inquiries to happytails@cox.net - THANK YOU!
The "Happy Tails Pet Lodge" DayCare and Overnight Lodging (For all your domestic pets w/ a "Tail"!)
provides a safe, fun and cozy environment for pets four months of age and older during weekday, weekend or overnight business hours.  
     Happy Tails Pet Lodge will offer your pet his own cozy and personal living space  where he will have one-on-one  play time with a staff member. For your pets safety, we will not at anytime schedule your pet to socialize with another pet here at Happy Tails Pet Lodge unless you specify you would approve of it. 
     Your pets  resting place is designed as a smaller scale horse stall that we call their "lodge". Here they can enjoy watching their favorite pet movie on our overhead flat screen t.v.. or soft classical music may better suit your happy tail.  We provide a sleeping cart but owner you are welcomed to bring an existing pet bed  or favorite toy your pet is familiar with. Owners are strongly advised to bring their pets food with them during their stay with us.  If you'd like to include Grooming services we can schedule that for you with our Mobile Groomer.  (See Requirements/Contact Info. link for details)
    Your pet will also enjoy our indoor and outdoor playground for exercise and the need to relieve themselves.  We will do our best to keep your pet on the same schedule he has at home.  Your pets playtime, exercise time and bathroom time will be scheduled individually unless the pet owner requests outside time with another pet or family member. A signature will be required for this request.
     Once you have completed the application and waiver and all of your pets vaccinations are up to date, please call us to schedule an appointment or an orientation to familiarize your pet with "Happy Tails Pet Lodge".
We look forward to having your pet spend time in his "home away from home"!

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